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Early Roadmap

Over the coming weeks as we approach and pass the first public release of Photo Scout, we'll be constantly fixing bugs, improving the overall look and feel, and filling out the app's feature set.This isn't a complete list or in any particular order (and we may drop items based on feedback), but it shows the direction we're expecting to take.

Expected Additional Features

  • Home/Lockscreen widgets

  • More weather providers (at least Apple Weather)

  • Ability to set your own photo as a scene's thumbnail

  • Fine-grained, per-scene notification settings

  • Improved notifications (better wording, better timing)

  • Light pollution warnings

  • Improved distant forecasting with historic weather data

Expected Additional Requirements

  • Moon Phase

  • Moon Position

  • Aurora Borealis/Australis Strength

  • Tides

  • Milky Way Visibility

Known Issues

  • A number of design assets are placeholders

  • The app's layout doesn't take advantage of the iPad's larger screen as well as it should

  • Scenes with requirements for volatile things (like "it's raining") may cause more notifications to be issued than should be as current conditions change


We're releasing early versions of Photo Scout via TestFlight in order to gather feedback and make it the best it can be when it's time to launch it to the wider world, and we're looking forward to hearing what you think!You can provide feedback via the Photo Scout Mastodon account, or via email at

Register Interest

Photo Scout is currently in early development for iOS, with a TestFlight beta ongoing. If you'd like to join the beta or be notified when the app is launched, sign up here!

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